Choosing an agent is a big decision, and I know you have options. That’s why I’d like to take a moment to tell you about my background, my areas of expertise, and why I’m so passionate about local real estate.

The Niagara Region has always had a magnetic appeal for me, which is why I’ve called the area home for over 30 years. It’s where I’ve decided to put down roots, raise a family, and grow my real estate career.

As a local agent, I’ve achieved a strong buying and selling track record and gained a reputation for exceptional customer service. I’m so grateful to all the clients who have helped me strengthen my skills—and allowed me to be of service as they make one of life’s biggest decisions!

Before focusing on real estate, I spent ten years in the retail industry. I built a business from the ground up, selling carefully-curated antiques and home decor. From there, I provided professional staging and design services—an experience I draw on regularly as a real estate agent.

While I see beauty in all kinds of homes, I’m particularly fond of heritage properties. This interest led me to pursue my studies in conservation—and establish plans for some of the most significant heritage structures in the Niagara Region. Through this work, I’ve developed a network of leading heritage professionals (including master tradespeople, designers, planners, and architects).

Over the past two decades, I’ve developed a strategic business model for buying, renovating, and selling homes. I’m passionate about seeing every property reach its full potential, and I’m always happy when the opportunity to discuss improvements arises.